Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I have a slight obsession with designer jeans. Before I had Kayla, I had over 20 pairs of jeans where the cheapest pair, retail, was more than $100 a pop. Now, I never paid retail, although J did for a couple of pairs he bought me for presents. eBay, denim forums (slight obsession, remember?) and online retailers with super duper sales were/are my sources for cheap designer jeans.

I'm a whole lot better now. The last time I bought a pair was during my work trip to Massachusetts. 7FAM was having a huge sale and I could not NOT buy a $180 pair of jeans for less than $50! Lately, I've been searching for a pair of white jeans. Of course they had to be designer. I don't know why. So I searched all over eBay but couldn't find a pair cheap enough for me. I was getting ready to put an offer in for a pair of 7's until I remembered reading a couple of blogs raving about LEC's white jeans.

With my luck, by the time I was ready to buy a pair, the jeans were nowhere to be found on their website. I went on their Facebook page and whoever is responsible for their page told me that the stock is very low but I can call their CS department and they will help me. I don't like calling people so I did the second best thing and did an on line chat with a rep. Five minutes later, the rep sent me a special link with a special order form and I was able to place my order.

I'm super excited for these jeans to come in the mail! The closest I came to owning white jeans were my cream maternity pants. I figured I was already huge and since white is supposed to make you look bigger than you really are, then why they heck not!

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