Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Recents Deals & Steals

I love to shop. There's nothing more that excites me than when I get to purchase something I've been wanting at a discounted price. I'm pretty sure that I spend a good chunk of time looking for coupons, discounts and sales. The only time this does not apply is when I grocery shop. I used to only buy items that are on sale during my grocery shopping days but then I realized that I was buying items just for that reason - - - they were on sale. Everything would sit in the pantry and expire because I never really had a need for them. I've changed strategies since and now only buy items that I have a need for. But back to the main reason of this post - deals & steals from this week so far!

1. Pedicure - I am in need of one pretty bad. The last time I got a pedicure was the beginning of the month. Our local paper does a Groupon type of deal and I was able to snag a pedicure for $14!
2. Portable Potty Seat - I ordered one this weekend and received a back-ordered email on Monday. I didn't order from Amazon the 1st time because they didn't have it available. Well, they did yesterday and I had still have a gift certificate credit available in my account. It was also shipped for free and it has already been delivered to my house!
3. Erin Condren Life Planner - EC talk was all over Twitter yesterday! I had been looking for a planner since this past weekend and I dove in and got the deal. Sure, a $50 planner for $20! The only issue I had was picking the design.
4. J's MK Watch - I gave J this watch for Christmas and the pins have been coming off. I took it in to Nordstrom and the associate offered to get it sent out. She said 6-8 weeks to get it fixed but she also said she can give me a new one instead. I took the latter offer and walked out of the store with a brand new watch!

Monday, July 4, 2011

A 2nd birthday post...3 weeks later

Oh, Kayla! Where do I begin? These past 2 years have been nothing but memorable and sweet. I don't even remember life before you! Yes, it is that good. And yes, every child has their moments, but the good ones outshine the bad ones. You have grown up to be a kind-hearted, loving and caring little girl. Your daddy and I can't get enough kisses and hugs from you. You tell us "I love you" often and it definitely melts us to pieces.

I know for a fact that the children in your class adore you as much as we do. You are quite the popular one when I drop you off in the morning. The kids are usually screaming your name and the teachers are quick to grab your hand from me. I think it is because you are so quiet and do not join in on the rambunctious play time nor do you ever fight the kids for toys and attention.

You enjoy music and movies a lot. Elmo is still a favorite but Handy Manny comes very close. We try not to watch too much of them but "I watch cartoon" is what I hear every morning when you wake up. Music is another love of yours. Justin Bieber's baby is well-played in our household & you also enjoy Taylor Swift's Mean. Very teeny-bopper-ish. You know a lot of songs. I mean a lot! You know your ABC's and a ton of other nursery rhymes. Of course you sing-a-long to your other teeny bopper songs.

We took you to the beach for the first time this month. There was a wedding we attended and we made a little vacation out of the trip. You love the sand! I honestly thought that the sand would gross you out for some reason but you could not get enough of it. You didn't like the beach itself as much. You love the pool more.

You have really grown up so much. I still see a little baby in you specially when you don't feel well and early in the mornings when you just want to watch cartoons and cuddle. You've become so independent and we are even so close to fully potty training. I hope that you are always as sweet and loving as you've always been until I am old and grey.

Kayla's 2nd Birthday

Today, we celebrated Kayla's 2nd birthday! It was very low-key, just like her & just like us.

There was breakfast...

a bike...

and what looks like cake-diving with her daddy!

Baby girl, you have turned our worlds upside down since you were born! I can't even imagine what the next 2 years will bring. You are one loving, playful, smart and caring little girl! My heart is so full today just thinking about how much I love you and how much you have changed me as a person. I am so thankful everyday that I am your mommy.