Thursday, March 24, 2011

A to Z

Saw this post from Virginia Belle and I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

{a} Age: 30
{b} Bed size: Queen, but we really need a king since Kayla refuses to sleep in her own bed.
{c} Chore you hate: Cleaning the bathroom. I'd rather do dishes by hand any day than clean the bathrooms!
{d} Dogs: Used to. But we gave them up to J's grandpa before we moved.
{e} Essential start to your day: Coffee! A lot of it.
{f} Favorite color: Pink & Blue
{g} Gold or silver: Silver
{h} Height: 5'7"
{i} Instruments you play: I played the piano when I was younger but not anymore.
{j} Job title: Event Services Manager
{k} Kids: Kayla Marie
{l} Live: Hampton Roads and I don't like it.
{m} Mom's name: Florisa
{n} Nicknames: Gie
{o} Overnight hospital stays: Yes, when I gave birth to Kayla.
{p} Pet peeve: Drivers who speed up when they see a merge sign.
{q} Quote from a movie: "We're going streaking" - Old School - I'm not good with remembering movie lines and it's really sad that this is the best one that I can come up with.
{r} Right- or left-handed: Lefty
{s} Siblings: Older sis - Kathryn, younger sis - Iya
{t} Time you wake up: 6:20 on weekdays and 7-ish on the weekends
{u} Under your bed: Shoe boxes
{v} Vegetables you dislike: Olives
{w} What makes you run late: My husband and my child
{x} X-rays you've had: My teeth
{y} Yummy food you make: Spaghetti and pot roast - not together.
{z} Zoo - favorite animal: Monkey!

Friday, March 18, 2011

I think it's working

I bought the bracelet. I've looked at it enough and I decided to take the plunge. J is doing better already (crossing my fingers he comes home this weekend) & maybe it will bring luck to my beloved VCU basketball team this evening.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck. It's St. Patrick's day after all

You always hear luck of the Irish on St. Patrick's day but it feels like today has been all sorts of unlucky.

I really thought J was coming home today. But of course that's not the case or I wouldn't be writing this. He called me around 10am at work and I bolted to the hospital shortly right after we hung up. It has been a very emotionally draining day for me. I don't really need to get in to too much details here but long story short, there's another complication and we have no clear answers after multiple tests today. I'm really hoping that it can't be that serious or the doctor would have already told us what the deal is. I talked to him tonight and he sounds fine but I'm pretty sure he is so ready to get better and to come home.

A few weeks ago I was catching up on my Google Reader and saw a post about an elephant themed party of some sort. There was an Etsy seller whose product was featured on that post. The picture that was used was just so nicely taken and next thing you know I had spent an hour trying to decide what bracelet to order. Well the cheap girl in me decided I didn't need the bracelet and I would join in on the blog contest of the seller to hopefully score a free one instead. Well, i didn't win but days later another contest was posted. The winner hasn't been announced on that one but I'm thisclose to ordering one.


Maybe I'm just hoping that this bracelet will give me luck. Would everything have happened had I bought the bracelet initially? I'm not one to believe that something or someone can bring you luck but it doesn't hurt to try. After all, the bracelets are cute and if it brings me luck, even better!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Great Sunday!

Aside from the whole DST thing, its been a great day!

Tomorrow will be a week since J was admitted to the hospital and had surgery. I've been waiting for him to get better since the day after surgery but it felt like he was getting worse day after day. What made it harder is that we are on our own here without help and its been tough trying to take care of Kayla and be there for J as well. I'm never at the hospital when the doctors would come by to his room and J was usually drugged up and/or half asleep during rounds that he can't tell me what they told him.

On Thursday I was finally able to get some answers. Not what I wanted to hear but answers nonetheless.

But today, this afternoon, was a great one! J is finally feeling better and the NG tube did what it was supposed to do. It was a complete 180 minutes after it had started. J was sitting up which he couldn't do for days until now. He told me he was feeling better already and we even exchanged high fives!

I'm ready for him to come home as much as he is. I'm sure him and Kayla are missing each other like crazy. I hope to get an update tomorrow morning as far as his progress and when we he should be heading home.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring pretties

I've been sitting here all morning "window shopping". There's really nothing on tv that I want to watch and there's not a whole lot to do in a hospital.

I love it when it's cold and snow doesn't bother me one bit. But I'm ready for spring!

Crazy. That's all.

  • I was in Massachusetts from Thursday to Sunday of last week for work. It was the very first time I've left Kayla (and J) for that long.
  • We did well. I missed them like crazy and the 4 days were so busy that I didn't have the time or energy to be sad about being away from them.
  • Sunday was a super long day. I worked and my flight was delayed. I was so nervous they were going to cancel my flight due to the storms but I was home safely right before midnight and I couldn't be any happier seeing my little girl again.
  • Monday was spent catching up on laundry and hanging out with the little girl.
  • It was turning out to be a great day til J told me he was going to the ER and finding out hours later that he had to have surgery for appendicitis.
  • The past week has been a blur and I can't wait to be back to our normal life.
  • It's sad that normal to me is going to work and hating it for the most part. But at least nobody is in the hospital and we are all together for the most part.
  • It's Friday and I usually look forward to the weekend. But everything is so up in the air right now with J not being well that I'm not really sure what's going on anymore.

I hope to leave early from work today so I can spend a little time with my husband at the hospital. I think that it makes him feel a tiny bit better that I am at his bed-side even if I can't do anything for him. I also need to be able to spend time with my daughter. She needs me as much as he needs me.

2010 in review

Last year brought some change in our lives, some were good and some were not. Overall, 2010 was good to us. We grew together as a family and individually accomplished certain things.

January to March
- Kayla had surgery days after we welcomed the new year.
- I turned 29 and celebrated the best way possible with take out, at home, with my husband and 6 month old baby.
- Kayla started going to Romp n Roll and had a ball!

April to June
- First mother and father's day.
- My position at work was eliminated, I was demoted, took a pay cut, worked less hours and got to spend more time with my baby girl.
- We had family pictures taken by Tisha McCuiston.

July to September
- Kayla turned 1! We celebrated her first year of life with close family and friends.
- J received a job offer and we decided as a family that this is a great opportunity for all of us.
- We packed up and moved to our new city - found a new home, I started my new job and Kayla went to day care for the very first time.

October to December
- We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and got another Apple product. This time an iPad. Jewelry would have been fine but my inner geek was thankful for the iPad.
- I cooked up a storm on Thanksgiving for the 3 of us. Kayla ate everything and it was the first time in 4 years that I didn't have to work. J wasn't as lucky.
- We drove back to Richmond for the first time since moving and celebrated Christmas with our families.

Life has been busy to say the least. It's the second week of March and I just now got this done.

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