Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let the party planning begin!

I realized in the beginning of the month that baby girl's second birthday is right around the corner. I panicked for a little bit. J had mentioned once that maybe we should have it in Richmond but that's just not happening. We live here now and even if I'm not that big of a fan of the area it's just too much - not only is it a holiday weekend but it's also a big beach weekend and sitting in that traffic is not fun.

The internet is my obsession. I find all sorts of fun stuff on a daily basis but for some reason this second birthday party research is not going very well. First, I'm stuck on what theme to do this year - J said beach theme but I want it to be girly and the colors are too bright for that to happen. Perhaps I can put a bow on everything. I thought maybe a princess theme. Pink galore and bows. That got shut down.

I had a no-Elmo-rule (and Barney, too!) when I got pregnant. I just thought that he was too obnoxious with his tickle-me-Elmo laugh and Elmo's world song. But, this party is about baby girl and what she likes and my child is all kinds of obsessed with Elmo! I'm pretty positive that every almost 2-year old out there knows and loves Elmo. We have books, a piano, a cup, plate, bowl and even socks. And you can't forget about the DVDs that she watches at least once a day. J and I even know some of the words to the songs 'cause it plays that much!

So yes, it's going to be an Elmo party but I am not plastering Elmo on everything. I'm sure he'll be on the cake and maybe balloons. I might even get napkins with him on it. But that's it. Everything else will either be plain or polka dots.

My next post will hopefully be an inspiration board and/or vendor list that I have found so far.

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