Friday, August 3, 2012

My Friday Brain Dump

  • I am 38 weeks today and I am officially over the waiting game. I just want to meet and hold this baby girl who still does not have a name.

  • I feel like this baby does not want to come out but I am on panic mode trying to get everything done and ready.

  • It's a 3-day weekend for me and I plan on purging and cleaning. A lot. We are semi-hoarders and it's about time that we let go of some things that we can live without.

  • Is it me or does the older sibling present from the new baby just the most backwards idea ever? How can a newborn go shopping for a present? Shouldn't the older sibling be the one giving the new baby a present?

  • The full moon the other day didn't do jack for my pregnancy. Not that I was expecting it to, but still.

  • The Olympics' schedule is driving me nuts! I can no longer stay up until midnight. I come to work exhausted due to lack of sleep. I wish the lack of sleep was due to a newborn instead.

  • I wanted to do fun family things with K this weekend but J is working the whole time.

  • I need a haircut and I also want to find a house cleaning service to do one deep clean before baby comes.

  • The infant car seat needs to be installed and I also need a car wash/vacuum some kind of bad.

  • I'm itching to buy normal clothes but I'm afraid that I'll buy the wrong size.

  • This brain dump stinks. I feel incoherent. It's probably because I'm so sleepy.