Saturday, July 28, 2012


How far along: 37 weeks.
Total weight gain: 19 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Still the same rotation of maternity work clothes. I'm sure my co-workers are starting to wonder why I wear the same things over and over again. I refuse to buy anything at this point specially with the pregnancy being so close to the end.
Food cravings: Iced coffee and Coke.
Sleep: One would think that my newborn is here due to the amount of sleep I'm not getting. It's truly been awful. I get maybe a couple of nights a week when I can sleep pretty decent.
Highlights: Not really a highlight but almost a bit of a scare. Baby's heart rate was on the high side during my appointment yesterday and my doctor sent me in for a fetal non-stress test to make sure everything was okay. The test went perfect and baby girl is staying in for now.


I was slacking so much with this second pregnancy that it was starting to freak me out a little. Being full-term and the quick scare yesterday definitely gave me that push to start working on my to-do list. I was having mild contractions a couple of days ago which freaked me out a little. I semi-packed my hospital bag that evening and placed an Amazon order for little things that I still needed. After the fetal NST yesterday, I stopped by Target to get a couple more things. I was also able to organize dresser & closet and even did a load of laundry.

I am now at a point where I have back to back events at work with hardly any break in between to do anything. There is still a short list of things I need to buy and a pretty long to-do list. I was hoping that J & I could use these last few weeks to do some fun things
with K while she's still the only child but having the same days off are very few and far between. The man can hardly take one day off out of a full week! I joke around that he will literally be with me the day I go into labor and give birth and will be back at work the following day.