Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday list

  • It's getting hot out there. It's not so much the heat that I don't like, it's the humidity that comes with it most days. Feeling sticky and crazy hair just sucks!

  • Baby girl was under the weather all weekend long. She stayed home with my mom who was visiting on Friday and then stayed home with me on Monday.

  • We dealt with high temps, wheezing & coughing and missing the zoo trip on Sunday.

  • This meant a trip to the doctor's office and an hour later and one blood test, we had a prescription for Albuterol and iron supplements.

  • I did take her to the mall playground for the very first time. Ever. This place freaks me out. I feel like germs and sickies are everywhere in this place but it was really early and I'm hoping the the playground was cleaned and disinfected thoroughly the night before.

  • She was unsure of what to do in the beginning and was just following me around but she warmed up pretty quick and had a ball. And I mean screaming on her own because she was having such a good time!

  • It's almost May and I haven't done anything for Kayla's birthday party.

  • The Voice premiered last night. We watched a little bit of it. I think it's better than American Idol. Javier was AMAZING! I didn't even see him perform, my co-worker told me about him so I had to watch it online.

  • This week is super slow and I have to work on Saturday. Boo.

  • My mom is gone for the next 3weeks. Kayla is going to miss her a ton! She already asks for "gama" everyday.

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