Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I love eBay!

eBay is my go to place when I need to buy something random and when I want to pay very little money for that something random. Yesterday, I bought a balloon pump...

red raffia ribbon....
cellophane favor bags...

cute blue polka dot balloons...

and red polka dot balloons.

All of this - all 5 of them -just under $25! I love it! Now, if I can only find her dress for this price, I'd be really happy :)
[ all images are from eBay ]

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lazy weekend

I love weekends when there are no plans and not much to do. We skipped Romp n' Roll and Saturday and just chilled at home. We had the carpets professionally cleaned so we stayed around. I was able to squeeze in a pedicure session while J watched the baby.

The three of us went out to lunch before running some errands. Kayla loves miso soup! It's all she ate at the Japanese restaurant. She was slurping that thing. We went next door to Babies R Us after so we can buy her highchair. She has been using a Bumbo seat all this time and it was time to upgrade (and thanks to grandma H for the $, too!). We went in thinking we were getting a wood chair but came out with the Chicco Polly. She's been using it all weekend and she loves it. We also got her a straw sippy and that's going well so far.
We also went to Home Depot to get something to put underneath the dog's crate. At this point it was time for milk and a nap and she was slowly melting down. We rushed home and she took a little nap.
My mom came over yesterday to visit Kayla while J & I went out for ice cream and to grocery shop. This weekend was all in all very relaxing and nice and I have a 4-day one coming pretty soon.
I've spent a good part of the morning buying things for Kayla's party. Thank you very much, eBay! Here's to hoping the week goes by really fast and smooth so I can spend some more quality time with my soon-to-be 11 month old baby girl!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Randomness on a Thursday

Is it really the middle of May and is Kayla really 10.5 months old now? Where did the year go? Next thing you know it will be fall and the Holidays will be right around the corner. Time, please stop! I don't want my baby to be a grown child yet!

  • I can't wait for the weekend. J & I are off together and we don't have any plans.
  • Kayla's birthday party plans are pretty much done. I just have little things to do here and there.
  • I need to order her cake, cupcakes, and food but I know where those are coming from so no biggie.
  • I need to find a dress for her and an outfit for me.
  • I need a pedicure. Bad.
  • I can't wait for Memorial Day weekend. I have a 4-day weekend for that :)
  • I'm also taking off 3 extra days during Kayla's birthday weekend. Hee hee.
  • We can't figure out if we are going on a family vacay this summer or not. I'd love to but we shall see.
  • My mom's birthday is coming up and I need find her a present.

Have a good weekend, everyone! I will sure enjoy mine with my two favorite people.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Belated mother's day post

What a wonderful day it was. Just the 3 of us. Jay gave me their present the night before. I think he felt so bad 'cause he worked a little late and I had to clean up after the dogs.

We lounged around all morning. Ate breakfast, watched some TV, played with Kayla. We didn't do much. No big plans aside from lunch. Just our little family. Mother's day was the first day that the 3 of us wen to lunch and Kayla could actually partake in the eating. We went to Baker's Crust and had a late yummy lunch. Kayla stuffed her face with tomato & cheese soup and bread, J had tuna salad, and I had a roasted chicken grinder.

We were all stuffed from lunch so we did a little bit of mall walking. We walked around and people watched for the most part.

It was truly a great mother's day. I couldn't have asked for a better day than to spend it with the two people that I love the most!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kayla's birthday plans

I have been on birthday party planning overdrive and I love it. J thinks I'm going overboard but I really don't think I am. I can, but I won't. The thing is, in my culture, 1st birthdays are a huge deal. I mean HUGE! I had over 100 guests at mine. Granted, I don't remember it but my mom sure does. I see this 1st birthday party as a celebration of Kayla's first year of life and for our first year as being parents. There's nothing better that to kick off the 4th of July weekend with family and friends!

Done list.
- Guest list.
- Menu. Kinda.
- I've already contacted Krysta who made Kayla's birth announcements and she is in the process of creating one.
- Birthday t-shirt and bloomers will come from here.
- Cake baker was decided on this weekend.

Not-so done list.
- Pick a venue! I'm going to see one today so hopefully this is it.
- Birthday outfit.

I've only been semi-productive at work thanks to party planning. I didn't know that 1st birthday party planning takes a lot of time. If I had known this I would have started a long time ago.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10 months old!

OMG! I just had a really long post and Blogger decided to delete it all. Boo!

Wow! 2 more months and this little lady will be 1! Where did the time go? This has truly been a very fun 10 months so far. We are learning about you everyday and enjoying every minute of it.

What have you been up to lately?
  • You don't like baby food anymore. The only baby food you like is YoBaby and you are not picky when it comes to the flavor. You have breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday and drink milk around 6 times a day.
  • You started pulling up this weekend. I left you in the pack n' play to warm up my coffee and when I turned around I saw you standing up smiling at me.
  • You love to wave hi and bye.
  • You clap when we say yay, clap your hands & when we sing if you're happy and you know it.
  • You are opinionated. We think you know what the word no means. You say something when we tell you so. We're pretty sure that you're opinionated and likes to put your 2 cents in.
  • You love your sleep and love our evening routine...dinner, playtime, bath & milk. I lay you in your crib wide awake and you put yourself to sleep every night with no fussing or crying.

We truly don't know what life was like before you came in our lives. You have brought us so much joy, love & laughter and can't wait to see what else is in store for out future.