Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain boots

Now that I've moved to flood-central when it rains - I need these!

I hate you, rain!

It's raining. A lot. It hasn't stopped since late last night. It's getting out of hand. I didn't know I moved to Seattle. Ha!

It's been a very eventful month. I can't believe that it's been almost a month since our move. A lot has changed this past 30 days. J is still enjoying work. I received a job offer the day after we move. Kayla has started "school". I've been working for a week now.

Our little family is enjoying our new city. We have met some new people and are starting to get settled into our new norm. I'd like to think that Kayla likes her school. I know this whole daycare thing is very new to her - to all of us. The teachers tell me that she likes the kids. She rubs their heads and gives them kisses. She even gives her favorite teacher "sugar" before we leave for home. Drop-off is still a mess at times. She whines and cries but I know she stops right away. I call at least twice a day to check on her. She is very excited and happy when I come in the afternoons to pick her up but sometimes she cries 'cause I think she remembers that I left her.

All in all, everything is peachy. I'm looking forward for the rain to go away, a whole weekend at home with hubby & baby and finally getting a paycheck again.