Saturday, April 9, 2011

Amazon has let me down

I've been an Amazon user for years. I can't say that I was a big supporter of the site until a couple of years ago. My first purchase from them were skins for my then Blackberry. They have books, furniture, diapers and even screws!

A big chunk of my day is spent in front of a computer at work. It's quite easy to just jump on the site, browse around and buy things. I did more than half of my Christmas shopping on Amazon this year. The convenience factor has really made me a loyal fan. I can't even remember the last time I walked into a store and came out with a box of diapers. Not only does Amazon have everything but their prices are pretty amazing. They also put out coupons in magazines and offer free 2-day shipping if you join the Amazon Mom program (free also!).

I've told moms and moms-to-be about this wonderful site. It's my go-to place even for pens! But that might have to change pretty soon.

I was browsing one night on my Amazon iPad app this past week for some blue ink pens and every time I would add an item to my wish list I kept on getting an error. I brushed it off, came to work the next morning and tried it again. I had to change my password 'cause it wouldn't let me log in. When i finally did I realized that my account information was all gone - address, my maiden name is back, order history gone and prime membership gone.

I called customer service and was told that they might be doing some site updates but she wasn't really sure. I even gave her a recent order number and it wasn't showing up in the system. She told me to wait it out and try back a little later. I logged out and logged back in hours later and it was still the same. I did an online chat with a cs rep. The gentleman who helped me still had no clue. He said he was going to escalate my case over to tech support and they should contact me.

This was on Friday and as of today I have yet to hear from anybody. I really want Amazon to get this figured out. Not only is it really strange but it's quite annoying that a company this big can't figure out what happened to my account.


Carolina said...

crappy :( i have never shopped from Amazon...but I;ve been having the same issue with Itunes :(

Carolina said...

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