Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekends are just way too short

It's Monday AGAIN! Why do weekends go by so fast? I really think 4-day work weeks should be enforced. It would save a lot on carbon footprint and help our planet! But what do I know? I just really want extra days to spend with my family.

This weekend was spend doing a lot of things outside. It was beautiful in Richmond so we took advantage of it! My mom came to visit so we went to the mall to walk around and get me some work shoes. I had already done enough damage at Gymboree last week for Kayla and I think she's pretty set with her spring wardrobe. This girl is missing shoes though. She has the tiniest little feet so I've always been worried that I'd buy shoes that are too big. We've gotten away with socks all winter long but now that the nice weather is here I want her to have some shoes.

I bought her a pair of oh-so-cute Robeez from ebay last week and I can't wait to get them! They are very Spring-y. I want to get a couple more - maybe some white sandals and some black maryjanes.

Kayla's been learning a lot lately. She started waving hi & bye and she can clap now. She also takes a number of steps while I'm holding her. Still no pulling up or crawling - she's very content just sitting there and playing. She does like to stand while hold on to the coffee table - she bangs on it with all her might.

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Taryn said...

So cute!! I absolutely love new Kayla pictures. :)