Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Today is my Sunday

I worked 12 straight days and was able to take off yesterday & today. Kayla and I have been hanging out since Sunday but I took her to school today so I can get things done (read: pedicure and groceries).

We had such a great weekend! This child is such a mess that I am either cracking up or scratching my head. She is at such a fun age right now! Her new thing nowadays is asking "adooning, mommy?". That's "what are you doing, mommy" in Kayla talk. Sometimes I am so focused in what I am doing and take a while to respond to her. This is when she starts yelling momma instead of the usual mommy. She also likes to roll-call and goes down the line to ask where everyone is.

Potty training has been wonderful. She is finally going #2 in the potty. This was a challenge in the beginning. I think it was just strange to her. She gets M&M's after #2 and this could be the reason why it's been working out so far. There's no reward in regular potty which she knows so she's been tricking me that she pooped when she really didn't. She's also curious as to where things go after we flush the toilet.

She's also been playing with her babies a lot recently. She likes to tell me that baby is hungry while she proceeds to either stuff the baby's mouth with her toy-ketchup or toy-maple syrup. She's even shoved one of the baby's in her potty 'cause the baby apparently had to go.

I also got our new camera this weekend. And no, I do not plan on going into the photography business just 'cause I now have a DSLR. And yes, I have become that mother who now takes a ton of pictures which I am so happy about. I was going through the pictures on our computer one time and realized how in one of the months there were very few pictures. I plan to change that. I am definitely in paparazzi mode and I am just glad that Kayla likes to ham it up in front of the camera. She often tells me "I cheese, mommy!".