Monday, May 16, 2011

Tuesday List

I think everyone has a tiny little bit of OCD-ness in them. When I obsess about something, I tend to never let it go until I've accomplished it or bought it. Like the one time I obsessed over a pair of white jeans and scoured ebay and the internet until I could find a pair that was priced within my budget. Sometimes they linger and I just keep on doing it or keep on buying it. Haha. So, here is my current list of obsessions:

(Collage was created with Picnik, duh! All images were borrowed from respective website.)

  • Smocked dresses and bubbles - Kayla has/had some pieces since she was a baby but I feel like I'm in overdrive buying these nowadays. Facebook, of all places, has some pretty good companies that does nightly flash sales. Of course, deals can be had from ebay. My favorite right now is Posh Pickle. Holly is super nice and currently clearing out summer stock and prices are really good.

  • DSLR - Yup, I still don't have one. Why you ask? Cause I'm cheap and I need to be able to find one that I really like at a price that I like even better. Every time I read about Canon this and Nikon that, I get so confused that I don't know what brand to go with anymore.

  • Picnik - I see collages on blogs and the internet in general that are made really well and I wonder how they are done. Well, here's the answer. You don't even need an account to use the site and no need to upload photos to their site.

  • Trader Joe's - Trader Joe's and whole foods were 5 minutes away from me back in Richmond. Now, the closest TJ's is about a 20 minute drive. This is probably for the best or I'd go really broke if it were any closer. They have the best stuff when it comes to snacks and frozen foods.

  • White iPhone & iPhone 5 - I love my iPhone and I don't even have the 4. I google iPhone 5 on a weekly basis because I just need to know when it's going to come out and if it's too far from now I just might cave and get the white iPhone 4.

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