Monday, May 16, 2011

Clueless. That's me.

Oh, Mondays! You come way too fast and I'm dreading this very long, 7 day work week ahead of me. Thanks a lot, prom season and social events! But I do have a 4-day weekend come Memorial Day weekend.

The weekend was wonderful. We braved breakfast. Kayla behaved well but refused to eat anything but turkey sausage. Oh, and she also liked her daddy's sausage gravy. I had eggs benedict for the first time since I had Kayla. I think this is a no-no when you're preggers so I never had it when I was pregnant. We stopped by Trader Joe's on the way home. I wish this was closer to us but glad that it's not 'cause I spend too much money in there every time. Have I mentioned how much I miss Richmond's shopping and grocery store choices? Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and Short Pump all within 5 minutes from me! Hello?? What was I thinking agreeing to move here. Ha!

Last night, before bed, Kayla kept on asking me to sing Wheels on the Bus. So I pulled out the iPad and watched nursery rhyme vidoes with her. While watching Twinkle, Twinkle, baby girl srarted singing - hand gestures and all! I was so shocked that she knew the song. Hello, she's not even 2 and shen can sing songs?! It was so crazy and I might have gotten teary eyed while this was all happening.

(and because a post is not the same without a picture, this is Sunday while grocery shopping at HT)

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