Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kayla's Surgery

I have been so behind with blogging. I haven't even made a post about Christmas nor my 6-month old!

Anyway, today was her surgery and we have been home for about 5 hours now and Kayla is already on nap #2 - baby girl is tired!

[ Kayla with her feet all wrapped up ]

Kayla was born with extra digits on both feet and we had to wait until she turned 6 months to have surgery. I was so nervous and anxious this morning. I hardly slept last night and nor did Kayla. She was up at 430am and she even slept in our bed. I was so nervous about this day for months - it's never easy to think about your baby having surgery and what kind of pain they'll be in after. I was instructed not to breastfeed her after midnight and to only give her clear fluids up to 4 hours before surgery time. Of course surgery was scheduled for 8am and I wasn't sure how she was going to be with not eating for hours.

She is one tough baby! She did wonderful with not eating for hours and she is tolerating the pain and bandages on her feet. The nurses were raving about how well-behaved she was while we were waiting for her operation to start. She didn't fuss one bit. I got a little choked up when the nurse came to get her from us when surgery was about to start. The doctor assured us that she would be fine and it would be quick.

We left the waiting room and went to pick up a pager so that the doctor or nurse could update us during the surgery. Surgery started at 8am and about half an hour later we were updated that everything was going well. By 9am - we received another page that she was out of surgery and was heading to recovery. I think I was more anxious waiting for the last page to let us know we could see her than during the hour when surgery was actually happening. We bought her a giraffe stuffed toy while we waited.

By 10am - we were paged again and she was ready for us! She was a little groggy when we first saw her but she knew that her mommy and daddy were there to pick her up! The nurses raved about how wonderful she was after surgery and how she was so calm and didn't cry once. We have to see her orthopedist in about a week to make sure everything is fine and her feet are healing fine. It doesn't seem like she's in pain. She has not fussed today and she's been very calm. I hope it stays this way all weekend. I can't be any more relieved that this surgery is finally behind us.

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