Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Mish-Mash

Weekends are always too short. Maybe one day weekends will also include Friday. I look forward to the weekends specially when I don't have to drop in at work and even better when J is off, too!

This weekend consisted of house-hunting and just hanging out. We headed out Saturday afternoon with my mom in tow to look at houses. We looked at 5 houses and we didn't like any of them. Kayla must have been really exhausted. She slept from 8pm until 7am the next morning. It was great! We also went out for breakfast - the 3 of us! She did so well. She just sat in her car seat while we ate. Several servers stopped by our table just to peak at our beautiful girl :) It made me feel so good that she sat there and smiled at these ladies and they told us how precious she was. This is only her third restaurant outing with us and we plan to take her out more. I started looking at shopping cart covers, too so I can take her with me to the grocery store.

Now it's back to work! I hope this week goes by really fast. J and I have a wedding to go to this Saturday while Kayla stays home with my mom.

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