Wednesday, October 7, 2009

She's sleeping in her crib - finally!

Baby girl slept in her crib last night! I was getting scared that her pretty crib will never be put to use aside from when she's playing with her animal friends (aka her crib mobile). This is really exciting for us since watching TV on mute is getting old. It's kinda hard trying to make out what people are saying. I was also beginning to wonder if we were all waking each other up.

We are using a sleep positioner that she eventually kicks off to the bottom of the crib. It probably only does its purpose for the first couple of hours until she gets into her kicking fit. Either way, I'm just happy that she's in her room. I loved having her in ours since it was so convenient to have her right there but I knew that she would have to move out one of these days. J also moved her pack and play downstairs this morning before he left for work. This will now be used for her naps during the day.

I really hope that her transition to her own room will make her a better sleeper. She still wakes up once during the night to feed which is totally fine. When did your baby stop eating in the middle of the night?

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