Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First Year Wedding Anniversay

This past Sunday marked our first wedding anniversary. Time goes by so much faster when you're pregnant for a good portion of it. It's amazing to me that we went from being newly married to being a family all in a blink of an eye. We like to think that baby girl was conceived on the night of our wedding. According to this little calculator - she was! Ha!

My anniversary present came early - Friday early. I came home from work and was going about my business when I decided to call J since he left work before I did and yet was nowhere to be found. I picked up my cellphone (the Blackberry that I've been hating on for months) only to see a SIM error. Of course I couldn't dial out. J showed up a little bit after my attempt to call him and I was whining as soon as he walked in the door about how my phone wasn't working. Not even two seconds later he plops down a shiny new iPhone on the bed for me. It was my anniversary present. What a sweet husband!

I've been pleading with him to get me this phone but he thought the phone was stupid. He even hated the "there's an app for that" commercials. I told him that this phone is perfect for me now that we have Kayla. I can take her pictures when I don't have the digital camera on me and I can take quick videos of her. I wasn't up for my upgrade yet (and I planned on waiting 'til December to buy it myself) but I guess he sweet-talked the AT&T man and he got a discount for getting my upgrade done a little earlier rather than paying full-retail price.

We also went out on a date on Sunday - lunch and a movie. My mom came over to watch Kayla while we went out. We even did a little bit of shopping for more baby clothes. It was definitely nice to go out and spend some alone time together.

Even Kayla got in on the present-giving thing. She slept through the night - I'm talking 9pm to 7am - for the first time on Saturday! It was definitely a great present from her. J and I sure appreciate this new schedule she's on but that's a whole 'nother post to come.

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