Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nighttime Sleeping and Schedule - 2 months later

Kayla has been sleeping really well at night. Still not through the night but a whole lot better. She slept 5 straight hours the night before last and 6.5 last night! Needless to say, J and I are ecstatic.

She's not the greatest napper in the world but we take what we can get. This sleeping thing is a bit tough but I know it will get better. It's very rare that she'll take a nap between 5pm and 9pm. 10-ish is usually her bed time which isn't that bad. She's not really on a schedule yet because I feed her when she's hungry and not every certain number of hours - she naps (kinda) when she's tired - her bath days are every other day - and she goes to sleep at night when she's ready.

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