Friday, June 5, 2009

Sucky eating habits

My doctor would not be very happy if she finds out what I've been eating all week long. The only decent meal I had all week (so far) is the grilled chicken salad I had when a client came in for lunch. My breakfast is usually either a bagel or toast and either orange or apple juice. For some reason it goes down the drain after that. Let me give you a rundown here of my lunch and dinner escapades:
  • Monday - grilled chicken salad for lunch and Mexican take-out for dinner
  • Tuesday - pad Thai for lunch and pizza for dinner
  • Wednesday - burrito from Chipotle for lunch and half a slice of pizza and an Oreo Blizzard from Dairy Queen
  • Thursday - burrito from Chipotle (again!) and a bacon cheeseburger and yummy fries from Five Guys followed by a Dilly bar from Dairy Queen
  • Friday - fried chicken, mac&cheese, and rice for lunch and hopefully a healthy dinner with no Dairy Queen this time

I'm almost 36 weeks and this is seriously the first time that I've indulged in food not unless you count my one week stint of eating a cookie after dinner. I need to be better. The last thing I need is for my doctor to tell me next Friday that I've gained 5 pounds in two weeks! That would really suck and she'll probably put me on a diet.

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