Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy Weekend and Busy Week

We did some damage at BRU yesterday. I thought J was only kidding when he said let's go buy some baby stuff. We walked out of there with a huge shopping bag of the most random things that we need but somehow had put off 'til now. We got bottles, pacis, breastfeeding necessities, and more onesies. It was fun until we got to the register. We did get a good deal on the bottles that we picked that will hopefully work for the baby. The entire MilkBank product line is 40% off. We got a single bottle to try out and decided to get a couple of 3-packs of bottles and extra nipples just in case the baby likes this brand. We figured that if the baby doesn't like this one we can always return/exchange later on. We also got one Playtex nurser to try out.

Clearly, the BRU shopping wasn't enough so I went to Target this morning and got a Boppy pillow. It was on sale and I had a gift card so I figured might as well.

We're just now getting home from the Broad Appetit food festival. They had a lot of vendors and the food was good and cheap. It was a lot of walking since we parked so far from where the festival was. It was good exercise though and it wasn't too hot.

This weekend went by so quickly and my work week is going to be long. I have my last huge convention for the summer before the baby comes and I can't wait 'til it's over. I knew going into it that after this last event that I don't have much time left 'til the baby comes. J's aunt is also coming into town from California and we're going out to dinner with her when she gets into town on Tuesday. Wednesday is our meeting with the pediatrician and Thursday is the labor and delivery tour at the hospital where I'm delivering. Needless to say, I can't wait for the upcoming weekend to be over. I just have to get through this week and it should slow down from there.

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