Wednesday, April 22, 2009

77 days to go!

Today is officially my 29th week. Yikes. 11 more to go. This also means that starting next week, I get to see my doctor every 2 weeks instead of the usual 4 week interval. I know that it will go down to weekly visits but I'm not quite sure when that happens.
My appointment last Friday was pretty quick aside from the 1 hour wait to get my blood drawn. I gained 21 pounds at that point which seems a lot but I guess not since my doctor didn't say anything about it. It's been a pain everytime I have to get blood work done. My veins are apparently too deep so the lab techs are always having issues. Needles freak me out as it is so getting poked twice in one day since the other arm wasn't that great was seriously terrifying for me. I'm also sporting a 5-day old bruise due to this. Luckily, that is it for blood work unless something comes up.
I already found out the results of my glucola test this past Monday and I passed! That syrup was so gross. It's comparable to extra sweet super flat orange soda. Yuck! The nurse that called me also mentioned that I'm anemic so I'm now on iron supplements.

We spent the weekend buying baby things here and there. We have settled on a car seat and also a stroller. Chicco was my first choice before looking at the Easy Walker stroller (that we're going to wait on buying until the baby outgrows her infant car seat). We're going to settle for a Snap 'n Go for now.

I hope that the next 77 days go really smooth and very quick but slow enough to where I'm able to accomplish everything that I'm supposed to do.

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