Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Labor Basic Class

So J and I had the Labor Basic Class this past Saturday. I wanted to throw something at this chick who thought she was at a Pregnancy 101 class instead. It was really annoying. And don't get me started on this couple who had a translator with them who was translating while the class instructor was speaking too! Did I mention that they were right in front of us?? I just don't understand why they couldn't have taken the Spanish version of the class that was being offered. I thought it was rude!

Anyways, the class was okay. They really need to change the videos they were using. They were seriously from the 80's! Some parts grossed me out and some parts freaked me out. I can't decided which bothers me less - vaginal birth or c-section.

I have no tolerance for any kind of pain whatsoever. I've never been admitted to the hospital and I know labor is going to freak me out the closer I get to my due date. The only thing that's keeping me quite calm is knowing that I get to meet and see this little one that's been kicking me for months now. I hope that I get to be one of the lucky ones also when it comes to labor. This pregnancy has been so easy and wonderful that there's really nothing else that I can ask for except for a healthy baby and an easy labor.

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