Wednesday, April 15, 2009

28th Week Update

I'm 28 weeks today and I can't quite figure out how I got here so quickly. I can't even describe how excited I am that I only have 12 weeks to go 'til J and I get to meet our little angel. I get anxiety attacks here and there when I realize how quickly time is flying and how unprepared we are.

We are slowly getting everything together though. I bought her dresser yesterday on a random trip to Babies "R" Us during my lunch break. It was on clearance since it's being discontinued and I got an extra discount since it's the floor model. I think J and his dad are picking it up either this weekend or next weekend. We are going shopping for more baby stuff on Saturday and we're also going to find a new couch and a dining set.

Friday is my 28-week appointment. I really hope that I pass that stupid diabetes screening! My doctor told me to bring a book or magazine since I have to wait an hour after I take the syrup to get my blood drawn. Thank goodness for Borders coupons I'm going to pick up The Happiest Baby on the Block tomorrow. I've read great reviews about this book and how it was so helpful with newborns that I've been wanting to read it.

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