Monday, April 2, 2012

Catching Up

Family: Wonderful like always. K is so busy lately. She says the funniest things and her vocabulary is just insane. I know every parent thinks that their child is the funniest kid but my kid says 'fo sho'. Ha! We try to spend as much time together as we possibly can. The 3 of us that is. But it seems that when J is off I'm working and vice versa. Time together as a family is definitely our number 1 priority.

Work: Eh. It's work. Not much to say there. It's about to get really busy with major conventions left and right. I'm seriously looking forward to my maternity leave so I can get a break and stay home with my babies.

Pregnancy: The 20 weeks flew by. I can't believe it's half-way done. I'm sporting a baby bump now and it's no longer questionable if I've had one too many burgers or not. Insomnia is kicking my butt and so are the bathroom breaks. I didn't miss these one bit. But tomorrow we find out the baby's gender. It's cliche, but all I care about is a healthy baby. Doesn't matter if the bean is a boy or a girl.

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