Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Cards

I remember getting so excited last year that I can finally send Christmas cards with our family's picture on it. But the combination of working full time and being a new mom to a 4 month old baby kinda took over my life. I couldn't keep up with an infant then but running around a toddler now is no joke. But I am determined! I looked early on for a photographer in our new town to make sure that I can schedule a session. Of course it took me till the beginning of October to actually book a session but at least we have/ had one.

I was so excited for this session and of course come the day of, J couldn't get off work early. Go figure! But we were able to reschedule for another day and my hopes for the perfect family Christmas card is still alive.

This past couple of weeks have been spent online looking for the perfect card. There are just way too many vendors and hundreds of designs out there that it's a bit hard to choose. Thanks to my Google Reader and blog-reading addiction I came across this awesome promotion by Shutterfly!

This helped me narrow down the search and who can really turn down free stuff right?! I have used Shutterfly numerous times for prints - it is super convenient because I don't have to go anywhere to pick up the prints and the quality is always good. Not only that but everything is delivered right to my front door. Shutterly also offers personalized mugs and photo wall art. I think this will make perfect presents to grandparents who can't get enough of their grandkids!

Now I have to decide which card to order.

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