Monday, October 11, 2010

15 months. one week late.

I am a week behind on this. Kayla turned 15 months last Monday. I came in to work that day then realized that it was my baby's 15th month birthday. It really bothers J that Kayla has a birthday every month. Haha! It's not like I go out and get her a present every month nor do I get her a cake. What scares me though is that I might be that mom who does the month age thing - 18 months instead of a year and a half - 24 months instead of two years old. That mom. I really hope not. I'm sure once she's a year and a half that the month thing will be done.

So what has Kayla been up to lately? She has her own language and is not really a fan of using her words. She likes to point at things that she wants. She attempts to say shoes all the time but it sound more like "shish". It's so adorable. She also tries to put on her shoes, too. I have a feeling that this girl is going to love shoes. She tries to jump when I say jump only her feet do not lift off the floor - she swings her arms and tried to jump though. She knows her body parts - head, eyes, nose, belly, and legs.

She eats really well. She loves the standard Cheerios and Goldfish. She loves cheese and pasta just like her daddy. She adores anything potatoes as long as they are fried. She loves broccoli! Loves!!! And she can't get enough of tuna salad. Two servings at school kind of can't get enough.

I think that she is going through a bit of separation anxiety. It doesn't matter if I'm dropping her off at day care or if I'm leaving for work and she's staying home with J. It's always filled with tears. I really hope that this passes soon. I want to be able to walk away from her feeling good that she'll be okay although I know that she eventually stops crying.

I'm afraid to even say it, but I think that we are seeing early signs of the dreaded terrible 2's. This little girl is very strong-willed and opinionated. She has outbursts when she doesn't get things her way. She would flail and fall on the floor in fits and in tears. Sometimes we just laugh 'cause it's a bit dramatic but there are days when she just can't let things go.

All in all, it's been a fun ride so far. Kayla keeps us on her toes. She brings us so much joy and gives us something to look forward to everyday. I can only imagine what the next 15 months will bring!

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