Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kayla met Santa last night

...and I hope the she put in a good word for her mommy and daddy. I already know what Santa got her so I don't think he needed to know what she really wants :)

J and I were both on the fence if we wanted to take her or not. H1N1, flu, and sick kids don't really sit well with us. We were afraid Kayla would catch something but we can't really let her miss out on meeting Santa for the first time on her very first Christmas.
We stood in line for about an hour and then it was her turn. J was in charged of making her smile which he didn't do a very good job with. But at least our little girl was not crying in the picture nor did she cry the moment Santa held her. For a first-timer, she didn't do too bad. She did cry in the end after she realized that she is not sitting mommy nor daddy's laps.

She looks pretty adorable in her polka dot black and white dress with her cute white bow and black tights :) I sure went shopping for her outfit last minute. We decided on Friday we were taking her Saturday morning but mastitis (again for the second time) got in the way of our plans.

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Anonymous said...

I love the look on her face!! She is too cute!