Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby Girl is 5 Months Old!

I can't believe that Kayla is already 5 months old. Time is flying by and next thing you know she will be blowing out the candle on her first birthday cake! Kayla is definitely this little person now. We know when she's happy and we definitely know when she is not. I think that she is still mommy's girl - it brings me so much joy when I walk into the door after a long day at work and she is squealing and kicking her legs around from shear excitement.

No doctor's appointment this month but she weighted 17 lbs and 10 oz and measured 24.75 in about 2.5 weeks ago. She's still in the 97th percentile for weight and 50th for height. Her doctor also gave us the go ahead at that appointment to start her on rice cereal but I waited 'til yesterday. She did great with the rice cereal - no gagging or yacking here. I think that she's still trying to figure out the whole spoon thing since it's something so new to her. We plan on feeding her rice cereal for a week or so until she gets the hang of eating solids until we introduce a new type of food.

So what else is our baby girl up to lately?
  • wearing 6-9 month clothing
  • wearing size 2 diapers but we're about to start using the 3's soon
  • she has a bottom tooth coming out - there might be another one but not so sure yet
  • still a good sleeper although there are some nights when she would wake up around midnight to eat
  • still loves bath time
  • she's doing very well with sitting on her own but she still falls after a while - i say a couple more weeks and she'll be good on her own
Our household has been pretty busy lately. Kayla is growing so fast and so quick. We can't wait for our first Christmas together as a family!

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