Monday, May 18, 2009

Appointment Update and Hell-ish Weekend to Come!

So my appointment went well for the most part. I've gained two more freaking pounds! My doctor said it's great so I'm not going to stress about it. My pressure is up a little than my normal but it's not really high. I guess it's high for me. She said that she'll check it again the next time I come back and I'm hoping that it's back to normal then. I'm not really sure why my pressure was high-ish though. I don't think I'm stressing about anything. I wonder if lack of sleep is affecting it. I'm not getting much sleep these days. I'm awake for an hour or two every night and it's really making my days at work quite difficult. I'm dragging by 3pm and I don't get out 'til 5.

I've had to baby shower's (ish) this past week. I had a not-so baby shower at work on Monday and the baby got some awesome presents. There was another one this past Saturday but due to poor planning there weren't that many people there. I still had fun though. It's nice to know that people do care and are excited for our baby. We already have all the big stuff but I'm sure that we have to make a BRU run before my due date to make sure we've got everything we could possibly need.

We're also making another outlet trip this weekend since daddy-to-be wants to go to the PBK outlet. I was very surprised when he mentioned this to me last night. I thought he just wanted to go to Ikea but I'm not complaining...I love PBK! I hope they have good deals on things we need for her. We still need to buy her hamper, bathroom stuff, and some organizational stuff.

It's going to be one hell-ish weekend of a move. I know J doesn't want me to do anything so he's recruited his little cousin to come over on Friday. We are going up to Northern Virginia the next day to do some shopping. We don't go back to work 'til Wednesday and I hope that we're fully settled by then.

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