Thursday, September 6, 2012

Moms on Call

I heard of Moms On Call for the very first time while reading Blueeyedbride's blog. She raved so much about them that I made sure to remember it with second baby in mind even before I got pregnant.

I bought the 0-6 months book a couple of weeks before my due date with OG but never really got around to finish reading it before giving birth. I brought the book with me to the hospital so that I could finish reading it but that also didn't happen.

Between the newborn, a toddler, exhaustion and everything else that comes along with life, I just now finished reading the book! Yes, my newborn is almost three weeks old and I'm clearly behind! I just watched their YouTube video of how to swaddle and I am truly amazed by how big of a difference their technique and swaddling in general can do to a screaming hyena newborn.

This picture was taken not even 2 minutes after she was screaming like I was trying to remove her arm from her body with my bare hands!

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