Friday, September 28, 2012

Moms on Call Update

We started the MOC program when O was only 3 weeks old. We specifically followed the night time schedule/routine and was successful. Swaddling plus white noise is what was missing in our routine. She started sleeping 3 hour stretches at night which turned into 4 hours and about a week ago she started sleeping from 9 to 645 and only getting up once to eat. She did this up until a couple of days ago and sleep since then has been lacking.

We didn't change a thing...bath, feed, swaddle and white noise. There are nights when she would go down easy without a fight before 9, up between 2 and 230, eat and then back down again until almost 7am. I like to blame growth spurts every night that she fights her sleep.

We are sticking to the MOC schedule and technique but I think it's the swaddle that's the issue. She was busting out of the regular swaddle when we used Aden + Anais blankets and we only used them for a couple of nights. We switched to SwaddleMe blankets and they are working well but I think that she's getting too big and strong for them. She can't get out of them but her arms can definitely move while she's wearing the blanket.

I was browsing the internet this morning and was ready to switch over to the Miracle Blanket but at $25 a pop I searched some more. There's just no way that I can justify spending $25 on something that could possibly fail but then again getting good sleep every night is definitely worth more than $25!

During this browsing session, I didn't realize that there are so many different ways to swaddle a baby. The technique called a double swaddle is what really caught my attention. It seems pretty easy to do and I already have blankets that will work. The video is very easy to follow and I've already tried it on O and she is currently passed out napping in her crib for more than an hour now. I can't wait to try this tonight and hopefully solve the sleeping issue we have been experiencing lately.

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