Sunday, April 4, 2010

Three quarters of a year

9months! That is approximately 270 days old that Kayla's been on this earth. 9 beautiful, eventful, and wonderful months that I will not trade for anything. In 3 shorts months, my baby girl will be 1 and will no longer be considered a baby. She'll be a toddler then. Where does the time go? I used to hold this 7 pound tiny little girl wondering what she would look like and be like when she's older.

Now that she is 9 months old she is definitely showing more of her personality. She has a sassyness about her that makes me wonder where she got it from. Ha! She is still her sweet and shy little self around strangers but she can be loud and opinionated around me and J. It's amazing to see her change and develop right in front of our eyes.
I used to be able to leave her in one spot and come back and she would still be there. She is now rolling all over the place and trying to crawl. Yup, still no crawling here not unless crawling backwards really counts. She is one quick thing! I turn around and next thing you know her tiny feet are up against a wall from her reverse crawling. She's very observant but we like to call her nosey. She likes to people watch - at the Romp n' Roll class, at restaurants, the mall...anywhere, really! I think this contributes to why she loves being outside so much. She enjoys being on the go and going places. I think she'll be a great traveller one day. J and I are already planning on taking her places and we can't wait!

To my baby girl: please try to make these next 3 months go really slow. I don't think mommy is ready for you to turn 1 just yet.

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Anonymous said...

Awwwww! Happy 9 month birthday sweet girl!