Tuesday, February 9, 2010

She's got bling!

That's right! Kayla finally got her ears pierced today. She is even more adorable now. Soo cute and girly. I wanted pearls but I guess that's not really normal earrings that they carry for piercing so we settled for white gold with tiny itty bitty diamonds. Ha!

I have been trying for only who knows how long to get this appointment scheduled. Our pediatrician's office has a nurse practitioner that can do it but they want you to wait 'til the baby is 6 months old. I wasn't really sure about taking her to the mall for some reason. I figured the doctor's office are a bunch of medical people and they should have a reason why they wait 6 months. I wanted her ears done on her 6 month well visit but it was difficult to get an appointment with the nurse - she only does it at the end of the morning or afternoon appointment.

So today was the day. It was originally for Friday but due to inclement weather, I cancelled it. The receptionist told me to make sure I showed up on time or the nurse will cancel in a heartbeat and reschedule. So of course I left work at a decent time to make sure we are there on time, if not a little early. I figured this woman would be on time. But of course we waited 30 minutes! Annoying, I tell you!

All in all, baby girl did pretty well. I don't think the piercing was painful to her. She didn't like that a nurse was restraining her while she sat on her lap and then another nurse was all over her face trying to get to her ears. She was not having it! I had never seen her get so upset nor cry like this for the past 7 months. But after a little consoling and tons of hugs and kisses - she stopped crying and was fine again. We got in the car, gave her a bottle, drove home, and she fell right asleep.

Without further ado, here's my little cutie with her earrings (her eyebrows are still a bit red from the crying and screaming) :)

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Taryn said...

Awww...she is so sweet, Karissa!! I'm so glad you commented on my blog. Now, I can ohhh and ahhh over cutie Kayla pics! :)