Wednesday, March 18, 2009

24 Weeks Today

This pregnancy is seriously flying by! I can't believe that I'm 6 months today. We have been doing a lot of research lately on what we need/want to purchase for the baby. Next up is the stroller, car seat, and dresser. Everything else should be easy like the bedding and cute clothes. We have registered for most of our necessities so we're going to wait 'til after the shower to see what we don't get.

We have finally agreed on a name! This is a huge milestone since I changed my mind a lot with the different names that J and I came up with. Her initials will be KMH. We're not telling everyone as of yet what her name will be although a couple of people already know.

She has been moving around like crazy lately. This has been the best part of the pregnancy so far but I've been waking up around 3am for an hour and a half or so this past week while she kicks and dances in there. I thought the trick was if I was laying on my side she wouldn't be able to kick as much but apparently not. I think she's getting bigger and stronger so she's able to kick whenever she feels like regardless of my position.

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