Monday, September 5, 2011

First day of school anxiety

My insomnia is at an all time high tonight. I'm off tomorrow due to a very long work-week so I'm not quite sure if my brain is playing tricks on me to stay up since it's a non-work night. I'm not even watching tv and I feel like I've played on the Internet enough.

Kayla's move to the next classroom tomorrow is giving me major anxiety and staying up longer is not helping me! I hate that I'm feeling this way. Somehow, I feel like I'm transferring my anxiety towards her and that's the last thing I want!

I know Kayla will do great! She always has. She can make friends with a quickness and has always adapted well. Yes, she's shy in the beginning but she breaks out of her shell later on. This will be her 3rd classroom move and two of her friends in her previous class will be with her. She will be with children who are a bit older than her. She will learn more and make new friends. I consider tomorrow her first day of school. 

I know she'll be just fine but the mommy in me still worries. A lot. I know this feeling will never go away even if it's her first day in kindergarten, high school and even college. So tomorrow, be thinking about my girl (and me!), that we make it through the day just fine. 

And yes, you better believe I'm scooping her up early right after nap time.

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