Thursday, December 30, 2010

The most hectic day of the year

Ha! Just kidding. It was hectic but also the most wonderful day of the year. We decided last minute that we were going home to Richmond to spend (more
like visit) our families for Christmas. The snow storm didn't help because we did not want to get stuck in Richmond with J having to work the following Monday. We were supposed to spend the night but nixed that plan after we got down there.

The day started with us opening presents at home and having breakfast. Santa came and dropped off wonderful presents for the little one - a play kitchen and a new baby with a stroller. We also got her some flashcards, a shape sorter and a shopping cart. J has always been a great gift-giver and I received a new wallet and two pairs of TOMS shoes. J got a new watch, Home Alone 2 and Decoded book by Jay-Z.

We all got dressed and headed south after playing with Kayla's new toys. Her new baby sat with her on our drive home. Our first stop was at J's grandpa followed by lunch at my mom's. We then headed west and visited my mother in-law who hadn't seen Kayla since we moved. It was the when the snow started falling by the time we left her place the snow was coming down harder. After that visit, it was over to J's uncle and aunt's where his cousins were. We played with them and they took tons of pictures. We then all drove east to my father in-law's house and this was when the snow was really starting to cover the ground mixed with a bit of rain. We knew that the last stop would have to be quick so that we can get back home at a decent hour and get on the road before it got too messy.

It was almost 8 by the time we got home. There was no food in the fridge or pantry for a decent Christmas dinner since we didn't plan on being home that evening. But thank goodness for an Ihop around the corner we all had a fairly decent meal followed by lots of snuggling. We woke up the next morning to a very white day after Christmas!

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