Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We have a walker!

I didn't think this day was going to come. I was actually nervous that she would be 2 years old and still not walking. Ha! Her pediatrician did say not to worry since the average age for babies to walk is around 13.5 months. Kayla crawls really fast and doesn't like to walk all that much. She knows that she can get somewhere a lot faster if she crawled. She cruises around the living room a lot - on the couch, coffee table, etc.

My mom called me at work on Monday to let me know that Kayla took 11 consecutive steps. I remember telling her to stop making Kayla walk 'cause I was afraid that she wouldn't do it in front of me when I got home. Ha!

I got home that afternoon from work all excited to see if my baby girl was going to put on a show and she did! She walked and I got it on video. J was pretty upset that he wasn't home when all of this happened. I had to quickly upload the video and email it to him.

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Taryn said...

YAY...way to go, Kayla! She is just precious. :)