Monday, January 26, 2009

Almost 17 Weeks and Counting

It has been a very uneventful pregnancy so far. No morning sickness and no crazy cravings. I had my 16 week check-up on Friday and I've only gained 2 pounds! JUST 2 pounds!!! I'm really ecstatic about that. My doctor wasn't concerned on my lack of weight gain so I'm not going to sweat it.

We are scheduled to go back on February 24 for our big ultrasound :) J is still in denial that he wants a girl and I don't really mind either way as long as the baby is healthy. I can't believe that I'm this far along. It seems just like yesterday when I peed on that pregnancy test. We are both very excited and can hardly wait for the baby to come.

This is going to be an awesome year! The baby will be around by the time we celebrate our first wedding anniversary and the holidays will be even better.

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